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...a place of worship as unique as YOU are.

In a world of clones and the lack of authenticity, this unfortunately finds its way into churches. Laden with outdated and irrelevant traditions and politics, churches seem to just be the same no matter where you go. We are on a mission to be THE DIFFERENCE in the Atlanta metro areas. Your style, eclectic, eccentric or otherwise is accepted and preferred at our ministry! From tattoes to pink hair, we are a loving, accepting body of Believers of Jesus that will love you back to wholeness and purpose. If you've given up on church...give us one try to show you every body is not a hypocrite and every church is not the same! Apex Ministries...we are living on point!



Apex Everywhere is an Intentional Jesus centered Kingdom Church Home, dedicated to serve you as you navigate through every area of your life.


We are a Kingdom movement charged with ensuring that Spirituality and practicality are presented to you with real and relevant truth. We are committed to loving you unconditionally, while partnering with you to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.


We are Intentional.

We are Unapologetic. 

We are Authentic. 

We are Freedom.

We are Love.

We are God’s church.

We are Living on Point.

visit us!


SUNDAYS @ 10:30am

Babb Middle School

5500 Reynolds Rd.

Forest Park, GA 30297

our mission...

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