Apex Everywhere is a 100% COMPLETELY DIGITAL CHURCH and this is what we mean when we say it...


Digital doesn't just mean the absence of meeting in a physical in person traditional church building. However it is spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ faster by not being limited to one “worship dwelling”. Rather, dispersing into multiple dwellings all over the world.


Through the power of Digital Church we are able to reach not just those in a local community within driving distance of brick and mortar church, but providing the same caliber of ministry to souls all over the world.


We believe that the moment a soul enters into an Apex Digital Sanctuary is the same as that person walking into the doors of their church. Thereby pulling up the worship encounter from your electronic device, you are able to “sit” in the sanctuary from your car, sofa, break room, classroom, dorm, beach, etc.


As Believers of Jesus Christ, we have a mandate to spread Him and His Message to everyone we can, and by removing the brick and mortar “box” around our ministry Apex Everywhere Digital Church, is able to deliberately and effectively fulfill God’s Commission without physical limitations.


This also allows us to facilitate ministry as The Body of Christ, even looking at the definition of the word digital itself int e Merriam-Webster dictionary:



(1) of or relating to the FINGER or TOES

(2) characterized by electronic and especially computerized technology




TOES: provide posture and balance, support our body weight, and propulsion during the gait cycle.


In addition to being a fully scaled Digital Church, we are environmentally conscious and preserving our great planet Earth for future generations because we are a completely

Apex Everywhere is an intentional Jesus-centered, Kingdom church home, dedicated to serve you as you navigate through every area of your life.We are a Kingdom movement charged with ensuring that Spirituality and practicality are presented to you with real and relevant truth. We are committed to loving you unconditionally, while partnering with you to fulfill God’s purpose in your life. We are Intentional. We are Unapologetic. We are Authentic. We are Freedom. We are Love. We are God’s church. We are Living on Point.

Larry Weathers II
Eboney Weathers
Rashida Jackson